LeCotteGame XNA Engine v0.10

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Released: Feb 18, 2008
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Source Code LeCotteGame XNA Engine v0.10
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Release Notes

This is the first public release, hope you guys can enjoy it. The file below comes in a compressed .rar, so you might need WinRar or a similar tool to extract the source code. You will need to have Microsoft's Visual Studio C# 2005 Express with the SP1 or Visual Studio 2005 Pro along with the XNA Game Studio 2.0 in order to compile it. Works okay on both Windows XP and Vista.

Current feature set:
Right now the engine has several features that make it quite usable for developing a basic game, though right now I would say its current form is more of a "proof-of-concept" kinda thing. Here's a list of features for those who like bullet lists!
  • LeTerrain component
    • Sets up a terrain from a HeightMap - that is, a simple greyscale image that defines the shape of the terrain.
    • Terrain smoothing, which helps ease the rough edges of the terrain for a more natural, cleaner look.
    • Quad-tree setup, which allows the engine to cull out portions of the terrain not seen, thus allowing for improved FPS.
    • Multi-texturing support with some blending thrown in to increase texture quality.
  • LeCamera component
    • LeCamera.- fixed position, fixed view camera. Nothing much.
    • LeMouseLook camera.- fixed position camera which can change its view with mouse movements.
    • LeFirstPersonCamera.- pretty much a camera that can change its position and view in the way many first person shooters do.
    • LeChaseCamera.- a camera that follows a target around at a desired offset with a nice spring effect to it.
  • LeInputHandler component
    • Provides the engine with an input handler service available to all of the game's components.
    • Handles keyboard control and mouse movements.
    • Mouse movement smoothing, adjustable by user.
  • Available shaders
    • LeCotteAmbient.- simple ambient lighting. Nothing fancy.
    • LeCotteDirectional.- directional lighting on a surface.
    • LeCotteNormal.- normal/bump mapping.
    • LeCotteParallax.- Woah! Parallax mapping! You've seen this on Gears of War, very fancy texturing effect.
    • LeCotteRelief.- WHUT! Yeah, some basic relief mapping texturing effect. Very video card intensive. Actually, it's kinda buggy, but it look goooooood.
    • LeCotteTerrain.- Allows for terrain multi-texturing and blending effects.

System requirements
I've been developing most of LeCotteEngine on my trusty laptop named Daisy, whose relevant gaming specs are:
  • AMD Mobile Athlon 64 3000+ @ 1.8GHz
  • 1.2GB PC-2700 DDR RAM
  • ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 64MB
Some development has also been done on my gaming computer named Jessy, with the following specs:
  • AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ @ 2.6GHz (water-cooled overclock)
  • 2GB PC-3200 DDR RAM
  • nVidia GeForce 8800GTS 640MB (G80)
So I guess that pretty much gives you an idea on the range of hardware it will work in. Basically it needs a video card that supports 32-bit buffers and Pixel/Vertex shaders 1.0 - though relief mapping requires Shader Model 2.0b or above.

Known issues
  • For some reason, ATI cards sometimes display corruption while rendering from the Index Buffer... haven't quite found out why. "Fixed" by multiplying the number of primitives to draw on the Index Buffer by 2 shrugs... don't know... but it works that way :P
  • Doesn't work on cards that only support 16-bit buffers looks at you, Intel graphics... except the 965 series, you're cool

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