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Welcome to LeCotteGame XNA Engine.

I could probably write a whole novel as to how it is that I came to be developing this XNA Engine, beginning with how I created Bochinator on an animation course using the OpenGL libraries and following good ol' NeHe's tutorials, thru some basic DirectX 9.0 engine I did before meeting Managed DirectX and finally deciding to build a "full-fledged" engine on XNA.

In the end what I wish to accomplish is to create simple game, but instead of using an off the shelf engine I also wish to create my own custom engine in order to learn the internal workings of DirectX/3D Animation/Video games all the while setting the groundwork so that later on I - and other people around - could use it to build a different, wide range of games.

Portions of LeCotteGame XNA Engine have been created thanks to a little book called XNA Unleashed by Sam's - nice read, I recommend it -, Riemer's XNA Tutorial which helped grasp the basic concepts of XNA and then some parts of it were taken and expanded from Lord Ikon'sQuickStart Engine around the time it was in v0.17 or so.

Right now I've set as my own personal goal to have at least a weekly release. Full releases will reflect a change in the version number - like v0.10 followed by v0.11 then v0.12 and so on and so forth. In case I'm not able to have a full release ready by Sundays, I will nevertheless post interim releases which will be identified by adding a letter to the end of the release - v0.10b followed by v0.10c then c0.10d and so on and so forth.

Where LeCotteGame XNA Engine is at

Right now the engine has several features that make it quite usable for developing a basic game, though right now I would say its current form is more of a "proof-of-concept" kinda thing. Here's a list of features for those who like bullet lists!
  • LeTerrain component
    • Sets up a terrain from a HeightMap - that is, a simple greyscale image that defines the shape of the terrain.
    • Terrain smoothing, which helps ease the rough edges of the terrain for a more natural, cleaner look.
    • Quad-tree setup, which allows the engine to cull out portions of the terrain not seen, thus allowing for improved FPS.
    • Multi-texturing support with some blending thrown in to increase texture quality.
  • LeCamera component
    • LeCamera.- fixed position, fixed view camera. Nothing much.
    • LeMouseLook camera.- fixed position camera which can change its view with mouse movements.
    • LeFirstPersonCamera.- pretty much a camera that can change its position and view in the way many first person shooters do.
    • LeChaseCamera.- a camera that follows a target around at a desired offset with a nice spring effect to it.
  • LeInputHandler component
    • Provides the engine with an input handler service available to all of the game's components.
    • Handles keyboard control and mouse movements.
    • Mouse movement smoothing, adjustable by user.
  • Available shaders
    • LeCotteAmbient.- simple ambient lighting. Nothing fancy.
    • LeCotteDirectional.- directional lighting on a surface.
    • LeCotteNormal.- normal/bump mapping.
    • LeCotteParallax.- Woah! Parallax mapping! You've seen this on Gears of War, very fancy texturing effect.
    • LeCotteRelief.- WHUT! Yeah, some basic relief mapping texturing effect. Very video card intensive. Actually, it's kinda buggy, but it look goooooood.
    • LeCotteTerrain.- Allows for terrain multi-texturing and blending effects.

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